BIOAKTIVE Saddle City Sofa Biofoam Unisex

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Riding everyday on city roads has never been so pleasant. The “Sofa” is as comfortable as possible with a super-wide base and BioFoam padding. The Fusion cover helps to keep your position on the saddle without adding resistance during the ride.

The fusion system is a cover made of two materials with different surface finishings. On the upper part of the saddle is a “rough” material, that helps to keep the position on the saddle, the side parts use a slick material that does not add resistance during the ride.

Ride Style: City – 60-90°
Rail : Carbon steel
Shell : Polypropylene
Padding : Biofoam
Cover : Fusion
Length / Width : 300×275 mm
Weight : 850 g.
Extra : Compact Elastomer
Visibility : Rear Reflector
Gender : Unisex


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