Saris Fluid² Trainer

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Better health. Faster splits. More me-time. Whatever your goals may be, the Fluid² helps you get the most out of each indoor training ride.

The large, precision-balanced flywheel (with patented fan design) lets you easily customize each ride simply by shifting gears, just as you would outside. This design also helps keep your Fluid² working better – longer. And thanks to our built-to-last manufacturing process, the Fluid² can help you conquer one goal after the next.

Want to train with Zwift or Rouvy? All you need is a speed sensor.


  • Fluid resistance unit provides a quiet and consistent ride.
  • Progressive resistance offers the widest resistance range and road-like feel.
  • Wheel-on bike trainer with Clutch Knob for perfect roller-to-tire pressure each ride.
  • Compatible with Zwift and other indoor cycling apps.


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