We’re pumped to join Workride – New Zealand’s free ride-to-work benefit scheme that can help you offset up to 63% off the purchase of your next bike.

What is the Workride scheme?

Workride is a free benefit scheme through which employees can benefit from a 32-63%
cost offset on the sale price of a new bike, e-bike or scooter using tax exemptions.
Employees get to choose any bike, e-bike or scooter for their commute from our
approved stores across New Zealand.

Technical Talk…

The NZ government is incentivizing a shift to greener transport by removing fringe
benefit tax on bikes, e-bikes, and scooters provided to employees for commuting.
However, employers face significant compliance and regulatory challenges if planning to
facilitate this benefit internally, Workride is here to help. Workride removes employer
headaches, by ensuring compliance through NZ’s only approved scheme, and efficiently
managing the administration for participating employees.

How it Works?

Workride enables participating employees to sacrifice an agreed amount of their salary
or wages in exchange for a ride of their choice, operated at no additional cost to the
employer. Employers facilitate the scheme and recoup the cost in full from participating
employees across 12 months through the agreed salary sacrifice. At the end of the lease
period, participating employees choose to either receive their ride for no cost or return it
to Workride. If they choose to receive their ride, ownership is transferred at no cost, thus
completing the ownership journey and maintaining their savings.

If you’re an employee or employer check out the link below or swing by the store to find how Workride helps get more people riding and living healthier lives.