Bontrager Light Ion 120 Front

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Powerful 120 Lumen multi-mode headlight that offers 270 degrees of visibility.

A beacon in the night

The Ion 120 front light comes in an easily mountable compact size yet packs enough punch to light the road or trail in front of you. A powerful 120 Lumen front light, Ion 120 illuminates in three modes: high, low and flash, and offers 270-degree visibility. Batteries and Sync mounting brackets included.

Product details

  1. 120 Lumens via high-power, environmentally-friendly, 1W CREE LED
  2. Be seen with focused optics and over 270 degrees of visibility
  3. High, low, and flash modes for versatile lighting options
  4. Sync bracket allows for quick-and-easy adjustment, mounting, and removal
  5. Includes 3 AAA batteries and a Quick Connect bracket
  6. Blendr compatible


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