Bontrager High Flow Valve Adapter Set


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A universal valve adapter that provides a 300% increase in air flow for easier tubeless setup, less effort pumping and is virtually clog-free.

300% more flow

Bontrager High-Flow Valve Adapter is a quick and easy upgrade that is instantly noticeable. It provides easier tubeless setup with a 300% increased air flow rate, is virtually clog-free and the best part is it’s compatible with any valves that have a removeable core.

Product details

  1. 300% increased air flow for effortless inflation and tubeless set-up
  2. Easily installs to any valve equipped with a removable core
  3. Virtually clog-free
  4. Built-in core removal tool in cap
  5. Compatible with any existing valves equipped with removable cores
  6. Sold as a pair


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