Ibera MultiMount Carrier Interface Adaptor


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Convert any rear carrier to the PakRak Clip-on System and use a Pakrak Multimount commuter bag.

  • Easy clip-on bag attachment
  • Fast, convenient
  • Secure connection

Enjoy all the convenient advantages of PakRak without the need to replace your existing carrier.* Our Interface Adaptor retrofits to a wide-range of carriers.

Bag Mounting System Interface attaches to carrier top. Button Lock clip-on mechanism.

Carrier Compatibility 
Most brands of carriers (seatpost-mounted and frame-mounted). 

The interface adaptor will attach to most seatpost-mounted and frame-mounted carriers with a top frame width of 100–150 mm, and a rod diameter of 9–12.7 mm.

Bag Compatibility 
Ibera PakRak MultiMount commuter bags: IB-BA18IB-BA19.



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