Zefal Spy 15 Mirror


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Zefal Spy 15 Mirror
Enhance your biking experience with the Spy 15 Mirror, meticulously crafted for urban riding or city use. Engineered with precision, this mirror is the epitome of compactness and functionality, offering discreet yet ample visibility behind you, ensuring you stay aware of your surroundings without compromising on style or performance. It features a silicone strap for easy fitting too.


  • Unbreakable ABS chrome plated plastic
  • Fully adjustable
  • Silicone strap for easy fitting (22mm to 86mm)
  • Can be mounted either side of handlebar
  • Convex mirror 
  • 360 degrees of adjustability
  • Fits anywhere on your bike
  • Lightweight
  • 28g


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