PRO Performance Mini Tool 9 Function


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Developed to repair most mid-ride mechanicals the PRO PRO Mini Tool Performance 9 Function is compact, lightweight and built to last.

Upgrade and outperform your abilities to deal with mid-ride mechanicals with the PRO Mini Tool Performance 9 Function. Thanks to its compact design it has all the Allan and Torx keys you are likely to need, without the extra weight of a chain tool and extra bits. Each bit features a harden steel tip, for precise adjustments and to ensure the longevity of the multitool and the compact Mini Tool Performance 9 Function is compatible with the PRO Smart Bottle Cage. This allows you to slot it into the cage’s housing bracket and forget about it until you need it.
  • 9 function mini tool
  • Compatible with the PRO Smart Bottle Cage
  • Compact design
  • Alloy construction
  • Hardened steel bits


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