RideWrap Matte Covered Frame Protection Kit designed for 2022 Trek Rail


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An excellent coverage matte frame protection kit that protects high-risk areas of the Trek Rail.

Precision protection

Keep your mind bright and your bike brighter with the RideWrap Matte Covered Frame Protection Kit. This kit is built to keep your 2022 Trek Rail looking slick with high quality films that protects your frame from scratches, scuffs, and chips.

The kit protects up to 65% of the frame including top tube, downtube, seat tube, chainstay, seatstays, rocker link, and areas of cable/hose rubbing.

Product details

  1. Matte clear film designed by RideWrap to fit 2022 Trek Rail frames in all sizes
  2. Designed specifically for carbon Rail frames, but will provide great coverage for alloy Rail frames with minimal trimming
  3. Protects against scratches, chips, and/or scuffs from debris, cable rub, heel rub, and chain slap
  4. Fully tested for durability, stain resistance, and self-healing properties
  5. Made in Canada from high quality polyurethane films
  6. Kit includes instructions, pre-install cleaning wipe, install solution concentrate, microfiber cloth, squeegee, and RideWrap sticker sheet.


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