Saris Trainer Thru Axle Adapter 148×12 1.5tp


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Trainer Thru Axle Adapter For Saris Trainers

148×12 Thru Axle Adapter, 1.5 Thread Pitch (9733T) works for:

  • 148 x 12mm
  • 142 x 12mm (using spacers provided).
  • 1.5 thread pitch


  • Thru axle
  • Washers
  • Endcaps with bolts
  • The 148x12mm adapters also come with a shorter bolt action slider tube.
  • 148x12mm adapters work for 142mm using the spacer rings provided.

Trainer Compatibility

The Saris Trainer Thru Axle Adapter is designed for indoor use on Saris trainers only and should not be ridden outdoors. Compatible with current basic trainers. Not compatible with CycleOps PowerSync trainers. 


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