Shimano TL-BR003 Bleed Funnel Tool – MTB


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The TL-BR003 is Shimano’s new and improved Bleed Funnel with an M5 thread for use with MTB hydraulic brakes.

The new funnels offer a larger capacity than the previous version (BL-M575) as well as a detachable lip insert that allows you to tip the cup at a more extreme angle or bump it with a reduced chance of messy spills.

The TL-BR003 is the MTB version of the funnel with an M5 thread. 


  • For Shimano brake use only
  • Includes oil stopper for easy swapping in and out
  • Includes detachable lip insert to help prevent spills
  • M5 thread for use with MTB brakes
  • Part number TL-BR003

*If you have road hydraulic brakes you will the TL-BR002 which uses the larger M7 thread.


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