Tour of Aotearoa Official Guide – Fifth Edition


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Tour Aotearoa Official Guide gives you the practical information you’ll need as you ride the 3000 kilometre Tour Aotearoa route from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

For those keen to ride the length of New Zealand, this functional guide describes the 3000 kilometre Tour Aotearoa route from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Christened in early 2016, this route follows several Great Rides and Heartland Rides through a variety of inspiring landscapes and welcoming rural towns.

This guide is made to be used on the trails as a complement to GPS navigation. It includes maps and elevation charts throughout the route, detailed cue sheets, contact details for important businesses along the way such as remote accommodation, cafes and supermarkets, transport operators, etc.

The guide is also available as two staple bound booklets; 72 pages for the North Island and 48 pages for the South Island. This format allows you to only carry one light weight guide per Island – no unnecessary weight to carry!

The author, Jonathan Kennett, has been writing New Zealand cycling books for over 25 years and works for the New Zealand Cycle Trail. He rates Tour Aotearoa as “the best ride of my life”.

Packed with:

  • transport options to Cape Reinga
  • cue sheets for every section
  • maps throughout the route
  • elevation charts
  • locations of the 30 photo control points
  • contact details for campgrounds, accommodation, cafes, pubs, etc.
  • phone numbers for boat operators on the five water sections
  • transport options for leaving Bluff.
  • BY: Kennett Brothers
  • PAGES: 122
  • PRINT: Some colour maps
  • PUBLISHED: 1 December 2023
  • EDITION: 2024
  • ISBN: 9781991160867
  • PUBLISHER: Kennett Brothers


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