Trek CarBack Radar Rear Bike Light


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The CarBack helps you ride with more confidence with a radar that detects rear-approaching vehicles and a rear light that’s visible from up to 2 km away.

Know what’s coming

Ride with extra confidence with the Trek CarBack Radar Rear Light. The CarBack’s radar helps detect rear-approaching vehicles from up to 240 m and provides audio and visual alerts through paired GPS head units for increased on-bike awareness.

Built with integrated best-in-class Daytime Running Lights that are visible from up to 2 km away, the CarBack is a must-have for every cyclist riding on shared roads.

Product details

  1. CarBack can detect and alert riders of rear-approaching vehicles from up to 240 m away
  2. Compatible with most cycling GPS computers
  3. Pair CarBack with the Trek Accessory app to see a vehicle’s rear-approaching and passing distance on your smartphone
  4. Designed with focus, flash and range to be daytime-visible from up to 2 km away
  5. Four light-flash modes: Day Flash 90LM, Day Steady 25LM, Night Steady 5LM and Night Flash 5 LM
  6. Visible fuel gauge LEDs make it easy to see the CarBack’s 7+ hour battery status
  7. IPX7 waterproof rating to confidently ride through wet conditions
  8. Includes Quick Connect Plus rear mount and USB-C charging cable
Rechargeable USB-C
Charge time 4 hours
Dimensions 28.9 L x 28.2 W x 37.3 H (mm)
Waterproof Rating IPX7
Wireless compatibility ANT+ / Bluetooth
Weight 40g


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