Vittoria Corsa Pro Speed 700c Tube/TLR Tyre


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Designed specifically for time trial and triathlon, Corsa PRO Speed promises to revolutionize the racing experience of pro riders and performance-oriented amateur riders.

Featuring an advanced Graphene + Silica compound specifically designed to provide unparalleled efficiency, Corsa PRO Speed maximizes speed, grip, and control ensuring faster times and smoother rides.
Whether you’re a professional racer or amateur racer, the Corsa PRO Speed is made to enhance your riding experience and achieve your best performance in Time Trial and Triathlon use.

  • Graphene + Silica compound ensures speed and confidence through a range of surface conditions, for the ultimate control.
  • The graphene + silica technology is the same as in the Corsa Pro and Corsa Pro Control, but the formulation is specifically designed for the intended TT use, therefore maximizing speed, yet providing a very high level of grip on wet, as proven during 2023 race season.
  • Extremely lightweight tire that guarantees ultimate suppleness and speed, without sacrificing grip.
  • The circumferential grooves distribution on the tread has been optimized compared to previous Corsa Speed, with a wider center slick area and closer grooves which provide suppleness and cornering edges. These
  • improvements have led to overall enhanced speed and riding confidence in cornering.
  • Tread thickness is lower than Corsa Pro, and comparable to previous Corsa Speed in the center, but smoothly tapering toward the sidewall in its seamless construction allowed by the new manufacturing process which
  • includes electrical curing.

You Choose – set up Tubeless or install a latex or TPU tube for pure speed.


  • 700x24c – 225g
  • 700x26c – 230g
  • 700x28c – 250g

Size 28mm is TSS (Hookless) rim compatible (max pressure 72.5psi).

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700 x 24 para/black, 700 x 26 para/black, 700 x 28 para/black


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