Vittoria Mazza Enduro Race G2.0 29″ MTB TLR Tyre


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When every second counts and you know you’re’re going to be racing in unpredictable conditions, the Vittoria MAZZA RACE G2.0 1C Enduro Tire is the answer. With a sticky 1c Enduro specific graphene compound, aggressive profile, new enduro race casing, high-traction center tread, and widely spaced knobs, this tire exceeds expectations in everything from lofty loam to dusty hardpack.

  • 29er tire built for high-speed enduro racing in mixed conditions
  • New 60tpi Enduro race casing with anti puncture insert below the tread.
  • Stepped center tread delivers traction for tricky climbs
  • Aramid bead allows for quick and easy tire swaps
  • Enduro Race-specific 1c compound is soft and grippy
  • Anti-Pinch Flat Insert offers sidewall support and rim strike protection


  • 29×2.40 – 1340g
  • 29×2.60 – 1410g

The 1C RACE compound is the newest tread component specifically developed to satisfy the needs of performance-oriented gravity riders seeking ultimate grip on any trail and condition.

Featuring an innovative combination of Graphene and Silica-filled molecules in a single soft compound, the new formulation provides ultimate flexibility and deformation to the tread. As a result, grip and damping absorption can be maximized at every lean angle, enhancing traction and control even on most tough sections. ‘Speed by more grip’ will lead your riding performance with no compromises.

The Enduro Race series uses a new casing that maximizes robustness and puncture protection without compromising flexibility. The 60 TPI nylon casing, plus the reinforcement layer positioned at the centre, offer a strong, reliable multi-layer protection. In addition, the anti-pinch flat insert made with high-tech rubber material protects the tyre sidewalls, at the bead level, from pinch flats and snakebites. Finally, the folding aramid beads provide easy inflation and dependable air retention for the best tubeless performance.

Depending on riding style, conditions and terrain, the new Enduro tyres featuring the 1C RACE compound can be fitted with different set-ups and alternatively combined also with other Vittoria Enduro tyres featuring the 4C compound for the best performance. The possible use can be:

  • FRONT & REAR: 1C RACE for the most wet, technical or rocky conditions where grip and damping have to be maximized.
  • FRONT: 1C RACE for maximization of grip at every lean angle, suppleness and energy absorption, especially to keep control at landings on technical sections.
  • REAR: 4C Graphene for pedalling efficiency, toughness and durability.
  • FRONT & REAR: 4C Graphene for hardpack fast terrains, ultimate robustness and strength

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29 x 2.4 Black, 29 x 2.6 Black


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