Vittoria MTB TLR Tyre Tool Kit


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The Vittoria MTB Tubeless Tool-Kit will make the removal of tubeless tires easy and quick.

Designed for pulling stubborn tyre beads off the rim seat into the center on the rim, to create space to get tyre levers under the bead.

Essential when any type of tyre insert is installed.

Each kit contains one pair of pliers and a pair of Vittoria universal tyre levers.

The patented plier design provides a gentle yet secure grip on the tire. Additionally, the handles of the pliers are also designed to be used as tire levers.

  • Necessary for the removal of Vittoria Air-Liner or any other tryre insert from your wheel
  • Secure grip on the tire. The handle ends are also designed to be used as tire levers.
  • Tool for easy removal of tubeless-ready tyres.
  • Contains 1x plier tool and 2x tyre levers.



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